Do I Need a Cover Letter? | Do Cover Letters Even Matter?

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do i need a cover letter | do cover letters matter

Here’s my opinion: I always recommend writing a cover letter. Of course, there are always cases where you won’t or might not need one. I get this question from clients a lot, and there are a wide range of opinions about cover letters out there! Often people think that they are outdated and irrelevant, or maybe that recruiters don’t even … Read More

Career Change During COVID

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covid career change | career transition coronavirus

Navigating a pandemic has also caused a lot of people to reflect on their careers. It’s usually during a holiday that people reflect on possible career growth or career change, but I’ve noticed that a pandemic is having the same effect on many people. For example, working independently from home has allowed people to focus ONLY on the actual work … Read More

What is a Career Coach?

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When I explain to people that I’m a career coach, I often get asked “What is that EXACTLY?” Most people have an idea of what a career coach does, but they don’t totally understand. And hey, that doesn’t surprise me. It’s not a job that you hear about every day, and most people haven’t worked with one before. To help … Read More

Laid Off From Your Job? Here’s What To Do Next.

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Well, March 2020 was one crazy month. As a Career Coach, I can definitely say that this is an unprecedented time of uncertainty for all of us across all aspects of our lives. That, unfortunately, includes the job market. We’ve seen some unbelievable statistics lately about the number of business closures and layoffs across not only just Canada, but the … Read More

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

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interview coach vancouver

As an Interview Coach, I know how stressful job interviews can be. It’s never easy to prepare for an interview, especially if you’re busy, nervous, or if the interview’s coming up quickly. I’ll start off by saying that you definitely need to make sure you do everything you need to do the day before, in terms of getting your outfit … Read More