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Career Coaching

Career Clarity & Direction Coaching

Developing career clarity and figuring out your career direction is one of the hardest parts of career development. If you're struggling with this, you may feel "stuck" in your current role, or you may feel lost as though you have no clue what you'd like to do with your career.

My Career Kickstart, Career Exploration and Career Transition packages are designed to help you finally figure out what you want to do in your career and develop a plan to get there.

Career Planning & Development Coaching

Do you know what you want to do for a career, but have no idea how actually to get there? You may have seen the exact job posting you're interested in, but have no idea where to even start to land the role.

If this sounds familiar, these career coaching packages are designed for you! We'll start out by examining your goals, creating job search strategies, developing your personal brand, and setting actionable goals. By the end of the program, we will have developed a Career Action Plan to move you in the right direction.

Psychometric Assessments

My services include a wide range of assessments suitable for recruitment & selection, personality, career, and leadership development. I am certified to administer Level B assessments, with a Certificate in Psychometric Assessments from Yorkville University.

Assessments I offer include the following:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Strong Interest Inventory
  • Career Values Scale
  • Jackson Career Explorer
  • Work Personality Index
  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
  • Leadership Skills Profile
  • FIRO-B
  • Career Interest Profiler
leadership coaching - leadership skills profile assessment

leadership and executive coaching - work personality index

leadership assessment thomas kilman conflict mode instrument

leadership and executive coaching - work personality index

leadership coaching - leadership skills profile assessment



Leadership & Entrepreneur Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Advancing your career to the next level requires a unique strategy. It's not only how you've excelled in your current role - you also need to prove you have what it takes to succeed within a role at the next level (usually one that has a totally different job description and focus!)

Developing your leadership skills, building your personal self-awareness, setting objectives, and developing a comprehensive personal brand can set you on the right path. Advance in your career with intention by developing the right mindset, a clear plan, and the persistence to see it through.

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Vancouver Career Coaching, Resume Writing, and Interview Coaching

Entrepreneur Coaching

Starting out on your own is a career change too (and it's a totally different focus!) As someone who's been through this personally, I can tell you it's one of the most exciting (and scary) steps you can take. Having some support along the way can make all the difference.

Understanding if an entrepreneurial move is the right one for you is crucial. We'll examine your entrepreneurial mindset, develop goals, and create a business plan for you to get started on your new career path.

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Interview Preparation

Vancouver Career Coaching, Resume Writing, and Interview Coaching

Interview Preparation Package


Customized for experienced professionals looking to fine-tune their skills before an upcoming interview. The package will also include customized interview preparation assignments to allow clients to continue practicing after the sessions.

  • Half Hour Onboarding Session
  • One Hour Mock Interview
  • Interview Feedback Document
  • Half Hour Debriefing Session

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Enhanced Interview Preparation


Customized for professionals who want to work on their interview skills in-depth before starting a mock interview. The package will also include customized interview preparation assignments to be used after the sessions for continued preparation.
  • Two One Hour Coaching Sessions
  • Mock Interview
  • Interview Feedback Document
  • Half Hour Debriefing Session

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Resume Writing

Are you excited about your current industry & field, but want to progress into a new job or change companies?
Would you like to develop your resume & career documents to move into a management position?

The package options I offer are customized to your unique needs and career level.

Orders will be completed within five business days. A rush order (complete within two business days, or 48 hours) can be added to any package for an extra $100, subject to availability.

Add-Ons Available:
LinkedIn Profile Service - $175
Cover Letter & Thank You Letter - $125

Emerging Professional


For Students & New Graduates with up to 3 years of experience.
  • Professional Resume
  • One Hour Consultation
  • Revisions As Required
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Director Level & Above Positions, Entrepreneurs, and Academic Roles.
  • Professional Resume
  • One Hour Consultation
  • Revisions As Required
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I offer multiple packages and levels of support so my clients can customize their program exactly to their needs.

Career Coaching, Resume Writing and Interview Coaching

Resume Check-Up Quiz

Not Getting Results With Your Resume?

When you're writing your resume, it can be difficult to know what employers want to see. There's tons of conflicting information on the internet about resumes: how long they should be, what they should look like, what content should/shouldn't be included... but it can all lead to major confusion.

That's where the Resume Check-Up Quiz comes in.

After answering a few questions, in just a couple of minutes you'll get feedback on what might not be working with your resume, along with recommendations on how to improve it!

LinkedIn Profile Writing

LinkedIn is a huge part of the job search today, whether it's maintaining your existing network, building new connections, or even applying for jobs via the website. If you don't have a profile, or if you don't use the site often, you could be missing out on opportunities.

I offer LinkedIn Profile Writing services as an add-on to the resume packages above for $175.

This includes editing an existing profile or creating an entirely new one to match your personal brand and target the exact type of job opportunities you're interested in using keyword optimization techniques.


I can also provide LinkedIn Profile assistance for those who aren't interested in the resume writing package. Contact me today for a personalized quote.

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Career Coaching, Resume Writing, Interview Coaching | Vancouver

Customized Coaching Programs

I can create a customized career coaching program to meet your specific needs. Contact me for a no-obligation quote on a program tailored specifically for you!

My hourly rate for Career Coaching is $175/hour.

Interested In More Information?

Feel free to get in touch with comments, questions, and thoughts regarding any of my career packages.

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Why Flourish Career Consulting?

Customized To Your Needs

Flourish offers numerous packages tailored to fit your career requirements. If there's something you want to add, or feel isn't included, please feel free to get in touch. Customized packages to fit your needs can be created if necessary!

Multiple Services in One Place

Many Career Consultants and Counsellors don't offer all services. Some professionals write resumes, some provide career counselling and still others conduct career and/or leadership assessments. Flourish provides all of these services conveniently in one place.

Years of HR & Recruitment Experience

Extensive experience working in HR, with recruitment, employee relations and learning & development experience across multiple industries. In addition, multiple years of experience in Professional Resume Writing, creating effective resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles for hundreds of clients.