Career Coaching, Resume Writing, & Interview Preparation

Services for Individuals

  Career Coaching

One-on-one career consultations in person or via Skype.

  Career Assessments

Multiple career assessments to help you discover your interests, work styles and more.

  Resume Writing

Professional Resume & Cover Letters for all occupations and career levels.

  Social Media

Perfected LinkedIn profiles and up-to-date social media marketing and job hunting techniques.

  Interview Preparation

Coaching to master the interview process and land your dream job.

  Leadership Development

Personalized coaching & assessments to help you develop and enhance your management style.

Career Coaching & Counselling

Career coaching can help you get on the right track, no matter where you are in your career. Whether you’re looking to discover your ultimate career direction, or if you know where you want to be but don’t know how to get there, Career Coaching & Counselling can help!

Career coaching and counselling services provided to clients locally (in Vancouver, BC), across Canada, and internationally. Focused on supporting clients to discover career clarity and develop strategies to land their ideal role.

Career coaching services cover a wide variety of areas, including:

  • Career Exploration & Transition
  • Interview Preparation
  • Networking/Hidden Job Market
  • Salary/Compensation Advice
  • Leadership Development
  • Earning a Promotion
  • Job Search Strategy
  • Workplace Issues
  • Career Assessments

Career Coaching Approach

Working one-on-one with clients to understand where they currently are in their careers and where they’d like to be. From there, developing a customized approach to help them create a plan to get where they want to be – whether it’s deciding on their ultimate career path, developing a job search strategy, negotiating a job offer or promotion, or growing into a leadership role.

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Interview Coaching

Are you looking to take the next step in your career, but find it a challenge to shine in interviews? Have you been going through multiple interviews, but haven’t received a job offer yet? Do you feel like you’re the perfect fit for a role, but find it difficult to tell an interviewer exactly HOW you’ll do an amazing job?

Interviews can be a real challenge. Stress, anxiety, and pressure can cause you to lose focus and forget about all of the great achievements and experience that you’d love to tell your interviewer about.

Interview coaching can help build your confidence so you can succeed in interviews, no matter what challenge you’re facing, whether you don’t feel comfortable selling yourself, if you’ve attended lots of interviews without success, or if you experience extreme anxiety throughout the interview process.

The good news – interview coaching can help! With the right approach, anybody can improve their interview skills! Interview coaching can also help build your confidence and decrease anxiety, so you’re able to start succeeding in interviews.

Interview Coaching Approach

A collaborative and customized coaching approach that involves working closely with you to get an understanding of your concerns about the interview process, as well as the areas that need help. From there, the approach is customized to fit your needs, including tailoring the questions and coaching to match your desired job and industry.

Resume Writing

If you already know which job you want, professional resume writing can help you get the interview and land the position! Today’s resumes need to be tailored to the job you want so they can stand out to Hiring Managers and Human Resources Professionals, as well as pass through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) when applying online.

Not only that, but your resume will need to clearly demonstrate your achievements and sell your experience in order to present you as an ideal candidate for the role – all while remaining visually appealing! This can be a difficult task to achieve by yourself – especially if it’s been a while since you wrote your resume, or if you don’t understand what employers are looking for.

Resume Writing Approach

For a resume writer, it's crucial to work individually with clients to understand the type of roles they are looking for and gain a comprehensive understanding of their career background. All of the resume writing packages include a one-hour consultation (in person or via telephone/Skype), to foster a connection with clients to develop a resume that accurately reflects their achievements, passions, and professional background.

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Services for Businesses

  Career Assessments

Multiple career consultations to help your employees succeed. In-person or via Skype.

  Leadership Development

Multiple career assessments to help your employees discover theirinterests, work styles and more.

  Recruitment Testing

Multiple recruitment tests to help qualify your hiring decisions.

  Performance Assessments

Performance Appraisals and 360 degree assessments to keep your staff performing at their best.

  Outplacement Services

Support for transitioning employees, including resumes, cover letters & LinkedIn, job search strategies, interview preparation and more.


Personalized coaching & assessments to help employees develop and improve their skills.


About Flourish

Human Resources

Extensive experience in Human Resources Management in corporate and public environments, including recruitment, learning & development, performance assessments, orientation, employee relations and employee communications.


Broad knowledge and experience in Social Media & Online Marketing, with extensive knowledge of digital marketing techniques, social media strategies and online marketing tools. Learn to create a personal branding strategy to market yourself!

Resume Writing

Professional resume writing with experience successfully creating hundreds of resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles for clients all over the world across all industries, including IT, health care, engineering, marketing, HR, law, and others.

Outplacement Services

Proven experience in managing career transitions and downsizing workplaces, with a comprehensive background in guiding employees in transition through career planning, job search strategy, resume writing, cover letter and LinkedIn Profile writing, interview preparation, salary negotiations, and ongoing leadership development.

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