Introducing.... Courses!

I'm excited to share my latest new development - courses! As I've worked with clients over the years, I've noticed many of them experiencing the same challenges when it comes to resume writing. As a result, I've decided to create courses that will help you learn the strategies I use when writing resumes. As a first step, I've created a free Resume Check-Up Mini Course with the goal of helping you learn to think like a recruiter! Sign up today to learn more about resume strategy, the importance of a targeted resume, and most importantly, how to write a resume that lands interviews.

Resume Check-Up Mini Course


In this mini-course, you'll learn how to transform your thinking, understand what hiring professionals want to see, and identify what isn't working so you can write a resume that gets you the results you want!

Module 1: Define Your Goals.

A targeted resume is a successful resume. General resumes, more often than not, end up in the recycle bin. Learn how to clearly define your goals so you can write a resume that gets you interviews.

Module 2: Learn From Your Ideal Job Descriptions.

An effective resume needs to demonstrate that you meet the requirements of the position. Luckily, recruiters & HR professionals TELL you this information through job descriptions. Learn how to research job descriptions so you know what content you must include in your resume.

Module 3: Identify What Is and Isn't Working

Pulling it all together, learn how to think from the perspective of your ultimate reader: a recruiter, HR Pro, or Hiring Manager. You'll finally get what is and isn't working with your resume, so you can get writing that version that will actually get you responses.

Coming Soon!

The Ultimate Resume Course: Write Your New Resume in a Weekend

This course will teach you the "how" of writing a resume that will get you noticed and demonstrate that you meet what's needed to DO THE JOB. No need to waste time on any of the extras - this course will teach you the basics and get you started over a weekend so you can get it done and start landing interviews ASAP.