Career Change During COVID

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Navigating a pandemic has also caused a lot of people to reflect on their careers. It’s usually during a holiday that people reflect on possible career growth or career change, but I’ve noticed that a pandemic is having the same effect on many people.

For example, working independently from home has allowed people to focus ONLY on the actual work they do, in a way that hasn’t happened before. This has removed all of the other distractions work brings along such as client meetings, conversations with co-workers, and office politics. Removing this dynamic has left some people thinking more about what they actually do for a living and if it has meaning to them.

career change during covid | career exploration | career transition

Many are realizing that they are unsatisfied with their careers and are contemplating a change.

But it’s a challenging time to contemplate a change too – with so much uncertainty in the air, does the thought of changing your career or looking for a new job even make sense right now?

While a pandemic is definitely a challenging time, it’s still possible to explore new options and consider what you might want to do.

Try starting with these 3 steps (and if you’re interested in reading an in-depth explanation of this topic – check out my full article: How to Change Your Career.

  1. Evaluate where you are – personally and financially. Obviously, changing a career or job is a big deal. Think about how much time and money you’re willing to invest in this career change.
  2. Self-Reflection – Think about your values, interests, preferences in terms of work environment/work-life balance. What’s important to you in these areas? How does your current role match? How important is it to YOU to improve?
  3. Start Planning. Start exploring possible opportunities you might be interested in. Research what’s involved in these roles and what would be required for you to transition into them. Depending on what’s involved, it might be easier than you think. And regardless – it makes sense to understand what’s actually involved so you can make a decision based on your values, interests, and personal circumstances.
career change | coronavirus | career transition | covid

And on the other hand, here are three reasons why this is actually a GOOD time to think about a change!

  1. It’s quite possible you have TIME right now. It’s likely you’ve had more opportunity to contemplate a job or career change since COVID, and that means that you’ll also have more time to WORK on that change. Isn’t “lack of time” one of the number one reasons people have for not finding a new job or figuring out what they want to do? This means it’s also easier to network – if you’re working at home, you’re going to have more flexibility to set up meetings with contacts and even attend interviews without making up excuses for leaving work early.
  2. Others might not be looking right now, which could give you a competitive advantage. Although the pandemic has decimated some industries, there are still opportunities available in others – such as tech and healthcare. Many people that have been laid off aren’t even currently looking as they are waiting for the pandemic to calm down first. And think about it this way – when people are fearful (as they are now) they likely won’t consider exploring the unknown… Which includes new job opportunities. People feel secure in the familiar and “known,” even if they aren’t happy. But, if you’re willing to embrace the unknown right now, who knows? You might open up and discover new opportunities.
  3. Remember – there’s no huge rush! You don’t have to change everything today – you can start small with research, planning, and self-reflection. You are not going to make this decision in a day, and that’s okay. As I mentioned, you might have more TIME right now to work on this, so take advantage of it. You might also feel as though you have a clearer mindset if you’re working from home – you might feel you have enough “distance” to start exploring new opportunities.

It’s always the right time to start thinking about what you want to do with your career. This pandemic has had a major effect on all aspects of our life, so it makes sense that it might affect our views of our careers. If you’re realizing that your job may not be the right fit for you, why not take some steps today to start the process of figuring out your ideal career?

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