How The Chaos Theory Of Careers Can Help You

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What is the Chaos Theory of Careers? The Chaos Theory of Careers embraces the idea that career paths are not always linear, measurable, or predictable. People’s careers can’t generally be predicted: in fact, they change and evolve, often in unexpected ways. In today’s working world, with such developments as the gig economy and the suggestion that the average person may … Read More

What is Personal Branding, Anyway?

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Personal branding is a term we hear a lot about, but many people don’t understand what is really is. It’s an item on many of our to-do-lists, but we often never get around to fully exploring its meaning and how to use it to our advantage. This article explores some Frequently Asked Questions about personal branding and addresses a simple … Read More

Applicant Tracking Systems: Getting Past the Myths

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What, exactly, is an ATS? The latest challenge in resume writing: getting your resume past the robots and into the hands of HR! Almost all large organizations, along with some medium-sized and small ones, rely on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to assist with scanning, screening and ranking resumes. If you’re job hunting, you’ll definitely want to make sure your resume … Read More

Discovering Your Career Values

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When dealing with career dissatisfaction, one of the first things we think about is finding our passion. Figuring out how to do what we love. And it’s true – it’s essential to think about doing something we enjoy. It’s crucial to know our interests when figuring out our ideal career. However, there is also another important consideration when it comes to … Read More

Social Media and Recruitment: What You Should Know

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Social media is everywhere these days, but it’s a bit difficult to determine exactly how it should fit into your job search. A lot of companies are recruiting via Social Media these days, and surprisingly, it’s not only LinkedIn. Stats say that Facebook and Twitter are being used quite often as well. This may depend greatly upon industry (it’s worth noting … Read More

Am I Overqualified: Is it Possible To Have Too Much Experience On Your Resume?

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When it comes to job hunting, your background and experience are so important. We all know that employers are on the lookout for potential employees with a resume filled with interesting job roles and multiple achievements throughout their career… aren’t they? Or is there a point when too much experience becomes a bad thing? Is it possible to have too … Read More