Discovering Your Career Values

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When dealing with career dissatisfaction, one of the first things we think about is finding our passion. Figuring out how to do what we love. And it’s true – it’s essential to think about doing something we enjoy. It’s crucial to know our interests when figuring out our ideal career.

However, there is also another important consideration when it comes to our careers: our own personal Career Values.

What are Career Values?

Career values are all about the meaning an individual finds in a job, including preferences and needs. These values are very specific to individual people and can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including various career backgrounds, personal preferences, and other reasons.

The Search For Meaning

Career values are important because they are how we derive meaning from our jobs. If we’re working in opposition to our career values, we won’t find much satisfaction in our jobs. We will likely wonder what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We may feel as though we’re only working to get by and survive until the next paycheck.

This is why it’s important to identify your career values early on and search for careers and companies that are attuned to your values. This can be very difficult to do. First of all, it’s difficult to identify your own career values! That’s the most critical first step. Most people don’t actively know their career values, preferences and needs.

We need our jobs, and often don’t have an active choice in the matter, so we end up in roles that don’t meet our needs and wants, but we accept them because we don’t have a choice in the matter at the time. However, when we’re planning our long-term career or a career transition, assessing our career values is hugely important, because it’s critical to match our career goals to our values, as well as skills, knowledge, and interests.

Types of Career Values


Are you the type of person who prefers to set your own schedule, determine your own priorities and not answer to anyone else? You’ll likely be unsatisfied in a lot of work environments, as many workplaces can have inflexible policies, micromanaging bosses, and strict schedules that don’t allow much flexibility in your work.

On the other hand, many people are comforted by clear work guidelines and knowing what is expected of them. They are not comfortable in work environments with rapid changes and unclear policies, as this level of uncertainty can be unsettling. Stability is another value that may be important to some,  along with steady employment and guaranteed salary.


The ability to help others as part of a career is critical for some people. The personal satisfaction through working in close contact with others to provide them with help, assistance, and advice is crucially important for some. People in this category find it essential to have interpersonal contact with others to assist them to improve their lives or reach their own personal goals.

Financial Reward

 Money motivates everyone to a certain extent. We all need a paycheck to earn a living, and that’s a reason why a lot of us work. However, for some people, money is a more significant motivator.

Also, depending on your circumstances, money may simply be more important to you at this time in your life. Our career values can change over time and due to a variety of circumstances. Perhaps you have a lot of family responsibilities, or student debt to pay off. Earning money might be a priority for you at this time to ensure you are able to accomplish all of your financial goals.

Career Values Assessment

Interested in learning more? The Career Values Scale measures a person’s work values, preferences, and needs. These values are a part of a person’s core beliefs and provide meaning to the person’s career and life. Finding a job that is aligned with your career values can lead to greater job satisfaction and the ultimate achievement of both your personal and career goals.

You can find out more about the Career Values Scale at Psychometrics’ website here:

I offer this assessment through Psychometrics as part of many of my coaching packages, including Career Exploration and Career Transition.


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